Thompson Rod and Gun



DATE: ________________

This agreement is made by and between Thompson Rod and Gun Club leaser and ______________________lease.


1. Facility Date/Time of Event: Lease agrees to rent the:

_____Hall       _____Pavilion (Check one or both)

To lease on __________ (Date) from________to________ (Time).


2. Rental Fee: Leaser agrees to pay a rental fee in the amount of:

    $500.00 in full on or before___________ (Date).

    The rental date will not be guaranteed unless or until said rental fee is                        paid.


3. Alcoholic beverages:  All Beer, Wine and Liquor will be provided by       Leaser at it’s usual bar prices.

*Lease and guests may not bring Alcoholic beverages onto the premise*


****** NO KEG BEER ALLOWED ******

4. Outside Bar:  An outside bar is available for an additional fee in the amount of $100.00. Lease will notify leaser on or before __________ (date) as to whether an outside bar is desired.

There will be no charge for parties of 100 people or more.


5. Catering: By leaser is available at the prices stated on the attached.

Catering price list: If catering is desired lease will notify leaser

on or before ____________(date) as to which meals are desired

and the number of meals required.

Lease must pay half the cost of the meal at least 1 week prior to

the event.

The balance must be paid no later than 12:00 noon on the day of event!!!!!



7. Paper goods:  Lease may use leaser’s paper goods (Plates, cups, napkins, plastic knives, ect…) for a fee of $3.00 per person.


8. Clean up: If lease cleans up after event, Out door events require all picnic tables must be returned to under the pavilion, and trash to be picked up . Leaser will refund $100.00 to leaser. 


 9. Use of grounds: Lease may use the grounds, but there is no fishing, no swimming, also no use of the trap field / archery range.

10. Cancellations: If lease cancels the event 30 days or more in advance of scheduled date there will be a full refund.

There will be no refund if less then 30 days notice

11. Fire or unforeseen occurrence: If the hall, pavilion, or any part of the hall, or pavilion are damaged or destroyed by fire or by any other  cause, or if any other casualty or unforeseen occurrence the fulfillment of this contract by leaser impossible, then the leaser shall not be held liable or responsible to lease for any consequential damages.

12. Responsibility for damages: If any portion of the premises or any furniture, or equipment shall be damaged by the act, default or negligence of lease or leases agent, employee, patron, guest or any person(s) admitted to the premises by lease, then lease will pay to leaser, upon demand, such sum as shall be necessary to restore the premises, furniture, or equipment to it’s present condition. Lease assumes full responsibility for the character acts, and conduct of all person(s) admitted to the premise by the consent of lease, or by or with the consent of lease agent, employee, patron, or guest……

13. *Not responsible for property of lease / release from liability*

Leaser assumes no responsibility for any property brought to the premises by lease or lease agent, employee, patrons, guest.

*Leaser is hereby expressly released and discharged from any liability for any loss, injury, or damage to personal property that may be sustained by reason of the use of the premise under this agreement.*

14. Entire agreement / modification: The foregoing terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and may be modified only in writing by both parties.Type your paragraph here.